Wyndham Rewards FAQs

What is Wyndham Rewards?

Wyndham Rewards is a free travel rewards program with over 6,000 participating hotels, resorts and extended stay properties around the globe. As a member, you can choose to earn points, airline miles (including Aeroplan®) or rail points. The points add up quickly, especially with so many bonus offers to take advantage of.

When did Guest Rewards convert to Wyndham Rewards?

The Travelodge Canada Guest Rewards program transitioned to Wyndham Rewards on November 19, 2012.

Do I need to enroll?

As a current Guest Rewards member, you were automatically enrolled in Wyndham Rewards on the conversion date, unless you chose to “opt out” (prior to October 31, 2012 - see below) of joining Wyndham Rewards, provided that we had sufficient information to create a Wyndham Rewards account for you including a valid name, mailing address, and phone number.

If you wish to find out whether we successfully transitioned your account, you may call 1-866-996-7937 to inquire and provide any required further information in order to be able to have your points transferred to Wyndham as described in this notification.

Don't forget that if you chose to "opt in" we boosted your points by 40% at the time of conversion on or about November 19, 2012. 

Is there a cost to join Wyndham Rewards?

No, Wyndham Rewards is absolutely free to join.

What happened to my Guest Rewards account?

Unless you chose to “opt out” of joining Wyndham Rewards (prior to Wednesday, October 31, 2012), your current Guest Rewards account and any point balance transfered to a new Wyndham Rewards account on a 1:1 ratio, provided that we had your name, address and phone number on file to create a Wyndham Rewards account.

I’m already a Wyndham Rewards Member – can I add my Guest Rewards points to my current account?

If you provided your updated information and existing Wyndham Rewards account info, we were able to convert your Guest Rewards points to Wyndham Rewards in your existing account.  

Can I still earn Guest Rewards points?

No, as the program was retired as of November 19, 2012. You can, however, start earning Wyndham Rewards points as of November 19, 2012.

How will I know I’ve received my points?

Guest Rewards members will receive a Wyndham Rewards welcome package in January 2013. You will receive all the information you require to check your point balance online to ensure your points were transferred. You will receive your package and Guest Rewards points will be credited to your new Wyndham Rewards account following the conversion date.

I'd like to be able to redeem my Guest Rewards points for Canadian Retail gift certificates – will that change with Wyndham Rewards?

All of the great Canadian Retail gift cards that are currently offered with the Guest Rewards program will still be offered with Wyndham Rewards plus other terrific opportunities to redeem for car rentals, event tickets, merchandise and airline miles, including Aeroplan® Miles!